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Bearcats Win 2022 Gator Invite

Kwrestling had a strong week of performances this past week, with our varsity losing a close dual vs Lincoln East on Thursday 33-37. Our JV successfully defeated the Spartan JV 60-15. The Varsity teams had a quick turn around winning the Gator Invite at Lincoln Northstar on Friday. Our JV won had a successful Saturday winning the very competitive Franklin Invite.

Varsity Wrestler of the Week - Archer Heelan had a great weekend, going 4-0 with 4 pins this week. Archer pinned his Lincoln East opponent on Thursday and then went 3-0 with 3 pins on Friday at the Gator Invite, in very dominant fashion.

JV Wrestler of the Week - Kayden Host picked up a decision victory at the Lincoln East dual on Thursday, and carried his momentum in recent weeks into a great showing at the Franklin Invite, going 2-1 with a second place finish.

Reserve Wrestler of the Week - Andrew Smith walked away from Gothenburg on Thursday with a gold medal, going 2-0 with 2 pins. Andrew then went to Franklin and had a 5th place finish.

Gator Invite Place winners:

Archer Heelan - 1st

Jackson Lavene - 1st

Tavean Miller - 2nd

Perry Swarm - 2nd

Nick Sutton - 2nd

Tate Kuchera - 2nd

Kaedun Goodman - 3rd

Cisco Rivas - 3rd

Sam Nachtigal - 3rd

Jakob Ransdell - 3rd

Riley Johnson - 3rd

Noah Molina - 4th

Franklin Invite Place winners:

Tate Choplin - 2nd

Kayden Host - 2nd

Jack Sponenburgh - 3rd

Seth Philippi - 3rd

Cole Schroer - 3rd

Rian Green - 3rd

Vincent Peterson - 4th

Zach Solomon - 4th

Zack Watson - 4th

Dominic Molina - 5th

Trinity Nagatani - 5th

Andrew Smith - 5th

Taj Wilson - 5th

Isaiah Legates - 6th

Juan Soto-Chavez - 6th

Peter Jahn - 6th

Gothenburg JV Invite Champions:

Kadin Wilkins - 1st

Andrew Smith - 1st

Kole Throckmorton - 1st

Andrew Dahlke - 1st

Jesus Santos - 1st

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