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Week 7 Recap - Midwest Duals

We had a crazy week thrown at us with snow days, cancellation of a dual and just the general uncertainty that came with weather. Coach Bauer was really proud how all of the wrestlers reacted, with strong showings at Midwest Duals for both our Varsity and JV teams. Our varsity team finished in 3rd place going 4-1, while our JV squad went 3-2 in duals on the day.

Varsity Records of Note at Midwest Duals:

Jack Sponenburgh - 4-1

Tavean Miller - 4-1

Kaedun Goodman - 4-1

Perry Swarm - 4-1

Sam Nachtigal - 4-1

Andrew Smith - 4-1

Taj Wilson - 4-1

Israel Uma - 4-1

Kaden Kowalek - 3-2

Jackson Lavene - 3-2

Lane Kovarik - 3-2

JV Records of Note at Midwest Duals:

Jacob Weiler - 4-0

Braxton Robinson - 4-1

Cooper Ritz - 3-2

Week 7 Wrestlers of the Week:

Varsity Wrestler of the Week - Israel Uma had a great day, going 4-1 and collecting some big wins as he went. Israel was able to reverse a key result against Columbus that had gone the other way at conference. This win was instrumental in helping us beat Columbus by a score of 35-30.

JV Wrestlers of the Week - Jacob Weiler had a great weekend, collecting a 4-0 record and being a strong contributor on the JV team this weekend. Jacob has been up at 120, but last minute filled in at 113 when an opening in the lineup popped up and his dissent plan allowed.

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